• BOMARE COMPANY under the trademark Stream System, participates for 9th time consecutive to IFA Berlin 2019

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Combining design and performance BOMARE COMPANY launches seven new 'Stream' smartphones :

BOMARE COMPANY, the Algerian leader in the electronics industry, announced on the sidelines of a ceremony held yesterday, Tuesday, December 18, 2018, the official launch of its new range of smartphones Stream.
A new range that meets the new requirements of the Algerian market and enrich the range of ''Stream'' smartphones already available on the market.
Seven new models have been unveiled : Everest, Mirror, B3 Maxi2, B2S, B2plus, B1S and finally the H24 Power, high performance smartphones, design that benefit from the latest technological advances.
The new smartphones will be available soon on all Stream System STORE at very competitive prices.
EVEREST the TOP of performance
It will seduce you: An attractive design
Everest is endowed with a hull of a finesse to the impeccable touch for an exceptional grip.
All in power: An octa-core 1.5ghz processor supported by 4GB of RAM.
Opening multiple spots at the same time in its Everest will not be a problem thanks to its Octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM for an ultra fluid experience.

And immortalizing the highlights: Capture the moment!
Enjoy a dual 16 + 5 megapixel rear sensor for sublime pictures with perfect sharpness, as well as a 13 megapixel front camera at the bottom of the screen for selfies and a low-angle shot-to-cut effect the breath.
Enjoy your photos: Outstanding visual comfort
For the first time on the STREAM range of smartphones, the EVEREST is endowed with a sublime large screen of 6''quasi without edges. To offer you a spectacular visual experience.
Save your memories and data: Huge storage!
In addition to its 64GB of internal storage, you can integrate a microSD card (up to 128GB).
A day of more than 24 hours: An autonomy that lasts!
With a battery of 4050 mAh, stands out for its excellent autonomy it is a certainty The EVEREST will never let you down.
All this with: Maximum Security
Your data is protected and you only have access to it thanks to the facial recognition technology of the Japanese giant NEC. Everest also has a fingerprint reader for unlocking with a single click.
The smartphone that reflects your style
Comfortable to the touch and look
Featuring a sleek and sleek simple design, the MIRROR offers a grip and perfect handling, add to that the Mirror has a large screen 5.5 '' in 18: 9 very comfortable that will bring out excellent color fidelity .

Quad-Core processor 1.3ghz supported by 3 GB of RAM
Thanks to its 1.3ghz quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM the MIRROR allows you to have optimum use of your smartphone.
Take the best shots!
Two sensors, it's necessarily better, enjoy a dual rear camera with a sensor of 13 + 2 megapixels to bring out all the details of your photos, and an 8-megapixel front camera to take the best selfies and portrait possible.
Store freely!
The MIRROR has 32 GB of internal storage and thanks to its microSD port, store up to 64 GB of additional content.
A long battery
MIRROR has a long battery life thanks to the optimization of the 2900 mAh battery.

Enjoy double security on your smartphone.
With an impression sensor on the back and facial recognition your data is doubly secure.
B3 MAXI2, MAXI practice
Maxi big!
With its classic 5.5 '' screen the B3 MAXY2 offers you the visual comfort you need for your daily life.
Surf and download in very high speed
Browse 4G with your B3 MAXI2 and enjoy the best internet speed.

Bet on the quality of your photos!
With its 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera the B3MAXI is the ideal smartphone for your daily photos.
Low autonomy, never again!
With a battery of 3000 mAh, say yes to a long battery life.
B3MAXI; MAXI security
The B3MAXI features Face ID face recognition technology for maximum security, a fingerprint sensor for unlocking in a single click.
The essentials in your pocket
- 5 '' HD display ideal for convenient daily use
- Facial Recognition
- Rom - Ram: 8 GB - 1 GB essential in memory for optimal performance
- Camera: Front 5MP, rear 8MP
- Battery: 3000 mAh. Comfortable autonomy for everyday use
''The b2s is under: Android 8.1 OREO for ideal use and functionality''
B2 Plus
Not as small as that
- A screen: 4.5 '' HD for an ideal grip
- Rom - Ram: 8 GB - 1 GB a configuration ample enough for daily use of your smartphone
- Camera: Front 5MP, rear 8MP be small also allows to have photos
''The B2 Plus is under: Android 8.1 OREO for use ideal functionality''
A compact smartphone
- With its Screen: 4 '' the B1S is announced as the most compact smartphone in the range Stream
- Being compact also makes it practical and fluid With an 8GB ROM and a RAM memory of - 1 GB
- Featuring an 8 megapixel main camera and a 5megapixel front camera the B1S has one more asset to its credit
''The B1S is under: Android 8.1OREO for an ideal feature''
H24 Power
Autonomy to infinity
- Our entry-level that features a 2.4-inch Dual SIM display, Bluetooth connectivity, Micro SD Card Reader, and FM Radio
But its main asset is its autonomy
With its battery capacity of 4000 mAh the H24 POWER is able to operate without recharging for three months in standby mode, or two days in conversation.
In addition to this, the device is equipped with the Power Bank function, which allows you to charge other devices.