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BOMARE COMPANY under its commercial brand STREAM organizes a volunteer activity in collaboration with Plogging Algeria Association on the occasion of World Cleanup Day :

BOMARE COMPANY under its commercial brand STREAM organizes a beach cleaning activity with the association Plogging Algeria, whose activities are focused on environmental protection actions.

World Cleanup Day is a global movement, launched by the non-profit association "Let's do it Foundation" created in Estonia in 2008, with the aim of combating pollution through citizen clean-ups. The WCUD is a gigantic collective garbage collection on all continents, the purpose of this activity is to invite all citizens around the world to get their hands dirty to collect the waste that pollutes our planet a little more every day. . Its aim is also and above all to draw attention to the proliferation of litter.

Hundreds of waste collection points have been set up across the territory and anyone can participate. The movement has reached 156 countries and mobilized 17.7 million citizens in 2018. The WCUP is now carried by the international NGO “Let’s Do It World”, whose headquarters remain in Estonia.

Since 2018, the Plogging Algeria Association has joined the WCUD movement, this association is a national organization which aims to defend the environmental cause. It was born from the passion for Jogging and the desire to want to protect its environment as well as possible, this practice called PLOGGING consists of merging sport and the preservation of the environment, it is present in 08 wilayas: Algiers, Boumerdès, Tipasa, Blida, Annaba, Constantine, Batna, Mostaganem.

BOMARE COMPANY under its commercial brand STREAM organizes a beach cleaning in collaboration with the association Plogging Algeria on the occasion of the Wold Cleanup Day. The event took place on September 17, 2022 at the beach of "Serkouf" in Ain Taya.

With a total of 180 participants who were divided into 5 teams: The pinks to pick up the plastic, the oranges for the glass, the blues for the paper, the greens for the metals and the whites are the team leaders.

Gifts were offered as a reward for the winning teams.

We counted among our team of volunteers; The National Coastal Commission, The National Waste Agency, The Association of Volunteers of Algeria, The Youth Led Association, The Algeunesse Association, The Maritime Fishing Association of Bordj El-Kifan, Nice Diving Club and Permakids , Extranet, The municipality of Ain Taya.

After the collection, games and activities were set up: memory games, dice games and an awareness workshop.