Since its creation, BOMARE COMPANY has always been very active in the search for opportunities that allow it to preserve its position in the electronics market on a national and international scale, and this, through the growing investment in its capacities. production and continuous improvement of its commercial network, the development of its export activities as well as the deployment of its international after-sales service network.
All these efforts are part of BOMARE COMPANY's desire to meet the demands of customers and all interested parties, by offering quality products and services, in accordance with the most rigorous international standards.
In the current highly competitive economic context, BOMARE COMPANY adopts a strategic vision based on the quality of its products and services, efficient operational management, perfect control of processes and the acquisition of new high-tech equipment.
This vision will allow BOMARE COMPANY to maintain its strength as the leading Algerian exporter of electronic products to Europe, to maintain its uniqueness, by remaining the only Algerian operator to exclusively offer a five-year warranty on its products and to seize the opportunities offered by the government following the country's political and economic changes.
In line with this strategy, BOMARE COMPANY's objectives revolve around the following main axes:
- Improve the satisfaction of customers and interested parties;
- Strengthen the presence of the Stream System commercial brand nationally and internationally;
- Continuously develop the technical and managerial skills of employees.
- Strengthen the industrial subcontracting activity.
In accordance with the BOMARE COMPANY quality management system and the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, each process is used to achieve the set objectives.
BOMARE COMPANY deploys an approach which is based on the assessment of strengths and weaknesses as well as the analysis of risks and opportunities by placing the continuous improvement of the satisfaction of customers and all interested parties at the heart of its strategy.
BOMARE COMPANY reiterates its commitment to constantly develop and improve its quality management system (QMS), by providing the necessary resources (human, material and technical), so that it is relevant and brings added value.