• BOMARE COMPANY under the trademark Stream System, participates for 9th time consecutive to IFA Berlin 2019

    De produit eléctronique en Algerie



Ali BOUMEDIENE, Directeur général de BOMARE COMPANY Élu meilleur entrepreneur Algérien 2021 :

Mr Ali BOUMEDIENE  Founder and  General Manager of BOMARE COMPANY Algerian operator in the electronics industry  ,commercialized under the trademark “Stream System” won the  European CEO Awards 2021 and get elected “best Algerian entrepreneur 2021” by the notorious magazine  EUROPEAN CEO.

Since 2015, European CEO delivered quarterly to c-suite executives in 28 countries throughout Europe and it highlights different entrepreneurs across the world leading a range of sectors. the vote  invite among 30000 ,readers to nominate who they think should be able to won the award according to the country or the industry .over there a jury composed of four members give the final decision and honored BOMARE COMPANY through his General Manager M Ali Boumediene.

Specific and rewarding reasons for which Mr Ali Boumediene was elected are first ,his reputation as one of the main businessmen across Algeria with no only the foundation of his company, but also the driving force of the products and services of  this one which given him a high worldwide today. Secondly, the importance of customers and international companies with which Mr Ali Boumediene is currently working and associates.

The peper entitled « How one Algerian company became a consumer electronics giant » wrote about the foundation and evolution of Bomare Company and its reputation in the Algerian market.

Through this quote from Mr Ali  Boumediene ,''the path to success is not easy to find, you have to be determined, work hard and see far” EUROPEAN CEO describe his capacity  to work hard, and also to envision something far greater than the sum of its parts .

Bomare Company, which commands an envious position in the electronics industry, aims to develop the Algerian electronics industry throughout the whole of Europe.