• BOMARE COMPANY under the trademark Stream System, participates for 9th time consecutive to IFA Berlin 2019

    De produit eléctronique en Algerie



''Companies for Inspire Africa 2019'' BOMARE COMPANY distinguished model of success on the African market by the London Stock Exchange Group :

BOMARE COMPANY, a leading Algerian company in the field of the electronics industry since 2001, and the leading Algerian exporter of electronic products to Europe, is proud to be distinguished as a model of success on the African market by the new report of London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).
''Companies for Inspire Africa'', which distributes 360 of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial companies in Africa, is based on a set of ''objective'' selection criteria, such as the high growth rate, the ability to create jobs, and the visibility in global markets.
This distinction is a great honor for BOMARE COMPANY and also for the country, Algeria, it rewards its strategic vision which places the quality of products and services as well as the managerial performances supported by a homogeneous and sustainable organization. It is also a honor for all the employees and their talent. It now consolidates, more than ever, BOMARE COMPANY's determination to catalyze investment for transformative growth in Africa.
Mr. Ali BOUMEDIENE, Managing Director of BOMARE COMPANY, proudly declares: ''This award recognizes the outstanding performance achieved by BOMARE COMPANY during its 18 years of existence in the Algerian electronics industry and also reflects the hard work and the dedication shown by our employees. ''
''Our strategic vision is to develop our business internationally at first,'' says Mr. Ali BOUMEDIENE. ''Since the creation of our company, we have defined a strategy to manufacture our products, export them to Europe and develop our activities in Africa later,'' he adds.
Indeed, it is a vision that the company continues to pursue, BOMARE COMPANY plans to double the size of its factory to reach 30,000 m² in the coming years, at a cost of about $ 50 million, this will allow a strong increase in production.
''Our goal by 2021 is to produce 1.5 million televisions instead of 300,000 today and 3 million smartphones instead of 700,000 today, 60% of all these products will be exported to Europe and other African countries ''reveals Mr. Ali BOUMEDIENE. ''For achieving this goal, our integration rate will increase to 75% for TVs and 54% for smartphones.''