• BOMARE COMPANY under the trademark Stream System, participates for 9th time consecutive to IFA Berlin 2019

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BOMARE COMPANY: Another Step towards Industrial Integration with Accreditation of its Metrology Laboratory by ''ALGERAC'' :

BOMARE COMPANY, a key actor in the Algerian electronic industry since 2001, continues to showcase its commitment to excellence by obtaining accreditation for its metrology laboratory from the Algerian Accreditation Organization (ALGERAC).

With its ISO 9001 certification for quality management since 2011, BOMARE COMPANY relies on years of experience and ever-evolving expertise in the field of metrology and calibration of industrial equipment. In 2021, the company achieved a significant milestone by establishing its own calibration laboratory.

Following successful inter-comparison campaigns with European laboratories, participation in the International Metrology Congress, and guidance from international experts, BOMARE COMPANY's calibration laboratory obtained the ALGERAC accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025 standard for Dimensional activities.

BOMARE COMPANY's metrology laboratory plays a crucial role in the national effort to enhance industrial integration in Algeria. Through its expertise, it contributes to the development of the subcontracting and metrology ecosystem in the country.

Moreover, BOMARE COMPANY supports student education by welcoming and mentoring interns in its laboratory for their final projects, thereby strengthening the ties between the company and universities.

With this accreditation, BOMARE COMPANY continues to demonstrate its dedication to continuous improvement and active role in strengthening the electronic industry and industrial integration in Algeria.

This milestone represents a significant turning point for the company, translated by unparalleled autonomy, which frees us from the dependence on international laboratories on the one hand, and the beginning of a journey towards other, more innovative destinations on the other hand!