• BOMARE COMPANY under the trademark Stream System, participates for 9th time consecutive to IFA Berlin 2019

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BOMARE COMPANY under its commercial brand STREAM was present at the FIA ​​2024 :

BOMARE COMPANY under its commercial brand STREAM was proud to participate in the 55th edition of the Algiers International Fair from June 24 to 29, 2024.

During this fair, we had the chance to engage with our customers and visitors who had the opportunity to try and discover our products.

We presented brand new products, such as the new Art TV range from STREAM, characterized by its elegant design that brings an unrivaled artistic touch to any interior. This TV offers over 1 billion colors, with a matte screen, motion sensor, Dolby Vision Atmos and a modern frame.

In addition to the Art TV series, we unveiled the new STREAM Android and Google TV Dongles, capable of streaming 4K resolution, providing superior image quality for an immersive visual experience.

We also presented the all-new WebOS with a new interface and more features, including Apple Home and Apple AirPlay, aimed at enriching the user experience.

Highlighting our commitment to cutting-edge technology, we introduced the mini LED range with the flagship product, The Mini LED 144 Hz. Perfect for gamers, this TV with a high refresh rate, equipped with MEMC technology for Smoother transitions without motion blur. Visitors to the fair were able to try out this television by playing various games at our stand.

We also highlighted Far Field technology which allows users to control their STREAM television by voice command only, without a remote control.

We also presented the new Digital Signage product which is characterized by its matte screen, as well as the functionality of the same name on our new Google TV models, which allows us to use our television as a display.

FIA 2024 was a great success with thousands of exhibitors from various countries and thousands of visitors.