• BOMARE COMPANY under the trademark Stream System, participates for 9th time consecutive to IFA Berlin 2019

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BOMARE COMPANY participated in the second edition of the ''RECRUTECH'' recruitment fair :

On November 11, 2023, BOMARE COMPANY participated in the second edition of the RECRUTECH recruitment fair, an event dedicated to engineering students and graduates, organized by the CAP (Club des Anciens de Polytechnique) at the National Polytechnic School of Algiers. The event took place from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and brought together about 20 renowned companies such as Schlumberger, Djezzy, Sanofi, Natixis, CAAT, and many others, spread across several rooms.
During this edition, the BOMARE COMPANY stand attracted the attention of many participants, recording the visit of more than 95 students and recent graduates. These visitors expressed a keen interest in the professional opportunities offered by the company, with diverse requests covering both internships and recruitment opportunities in various fields such as electronics, automation, computer science, electrical engineering, and industrial engineering.
The strategic objectives of our participation in this event were multiple; Company Presentation: BOMARE COMPANY took the opportunity to provide detailed information about the company, its activities, products, and collaboration with schools.
Employment and Internship Opportunities: the company offered recent graduates the opportunity to discover job opportunities, while students were able to explore enriching internship prospects.
Creating a Talent Pool: By establishing direct contacts with more than 95 motivated job seekers, we contribute to creating a talent pool in the fields of electronics, automation, computer science, and other related specialties.
Valuing Trades: Participation highlighted the trades and career opportunities offered by BOMARE COMPANY to job seekers and young people in training.
Promoting Company-School / University Proximity: the company strengthened its ties with academic institutions, promoting fruitful exchange on mutually beneficial ideas and projects.
BOMARE COMPANY expresses its gratitude to all participants, students, graduates, and companies present for contributing to the success of this event. This participation highlights our continued commitment to talent development and innovation promotion in the field of engineering.