17. 04. 16

Bomare Company

Ali Boumediene started off by importing and distributing household appliances in 1992. In 1997, the young director was invited to South Korea by Samsung. “While walking around their factories, I discovered a different world. Their knowhow and precision fascinated me.” Back in Algeria, the company was launched in 2001. In two years, manual insertion becames automated and the company slowly started to export to Europe, receiving ISO certification for its products and establishing a sub-contracting partnership with LG Electronics.

Ali Boumedienne, CEO, Bomare Co.

Bomare Company is the leading manufacturer of electronics in Algeria. Its brand of mobile phones, Stream System, ranks second on the Algerian market. It has an exclusive contract with Blue Vision for distributing its products (TV, smartphones and tablets) in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, at 250,000 units over five years for $50 million.

The Algerian brand will next expand to France, Germany and the Ivory Coast. Exports account for 15 to 20 percent of the company’s turnover. Boumediene wants to increase this share to 30 percent in 2017 and reach a 70 percent value-added ratio. “We have put everything in place to compete internationally among industrial sub-contractors. We have expert knowledge of the technology.” In 2015, Bomare Company recorded a turnover of $42 million.

17. 04. 01

Bomare Company d’un capital social de 378.050.000,00 DA, fabricant Algérien de téléviseurs, smartphones et tablettes, sous la marque commerciale Stream System, annonce une augmentation de son capital.

:: BOMARE COMPANY augmente son capital social en 2017
16. 11. 13

Stream System rend hommage à #RiyadMAHREZ en récompense à sa saison époustouflante

:: Stream System rend hommage à RiyadMAHREZ
16. 11. 13

BOMARE COMPANY, sous la marque commerciale Stream System, signe un nouveau contrat d'exportation de ses produits vers La Côte d'Ivoire d’une valeur de 12 millions USD.

Félicitation à Stream System et à nos amis Ivoiriens qui vont pouvoir bénéficier de toute la technologie et le savoir-faire de la marque.

:: Contrat d’exportation vers Cote d'ivoire
16. 11. 13

 BomareCompany décroche un contrat d’exclusivité de distribution de ses produits Stream System vers l'Europe (TVs, Tablette et Smartphones)

:: BomareCompany exporte vers l'europe